google-searchWe all know how important it is for your website to be listed in search results.  If people can't find your site, you don't get traffic and your business suffers as a result. 

In the early days of SEO and even up to a short time ago (pre-2013), unethical SEO practices included keyword stuffing, inflated keyword density, search engine spamming and manipulative linking.  These have never been ethical or sound business practices and Cebsource resisted the urge to follow these trends.  The trouble with websites that ranked well employing these methods back then was that the content was geared to SEO performance first, and user message second.  Content read as "spammy" and wasn't sending an effective message to visitors.  It's one thing to get people to your website, but retaining them and minimizing bounce rates is ultimately the primary goal.

Cebsource has always employed a content-centric SEO.  The notion of content value first has always been a sound plan and as of 2013, the search engines agree.  Understanding what your users are looking for is the best course for building content that inherently (and consistently) ranks well.  Cebsource understands user needs and behavior so we write optimized content to leverage that.  We also optimize the technical SEO elements, encourage promotion via social media and if so desired monitor and measure performance.

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