SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Think of SEO as a way of making it easy for a search engine to quickly determine what each page of your site is about. SEO holds a vital importance not only because it can bring new visitors to the web site, but also because it helps to increase revenue, if properly exploited. By employing the latest algorithms and up-to-date technologies available, SEO can increase your ranking in search engines' organic results.


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. Unlike search engine optimization (SEO) which pulls up the website in the search rankings in an inexpensive manner, SEM is a paid form of marketing. Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns form the basis for today's new advertising and marketing budgets for retailers, distributors and manufacturers. In fact any kind of business looking to attract new prospect traffic and make sales online starts with a strong pay per click strategy.


SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. The social networks of the Internet have emerged as important gathering places for people to communicate, socialize, and explore. That's why it is essential for every business to participate in these networks and it is also important to do this correctly. It is vital to manage your brand on these networks, but unfortunately in many instances participation in forums, social networking and social bookmarking websites can be more difficult than it seems.



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