signageAn appreciation for good wayfinding and signage systems usually becomes apparent after we've made a few wrong turns due to a murky signage system.  In this day and age of tight schedules, efficient transit (even pedestrian) is more important than ever.

How can we help you?  We start with wayfinding audits, a thorough evaluation of the wayfinding challenges faced by users of existing or planned projects. Utilizing a combination of interviews, user observation, on-site arrival and navigation exercises, and reviews of existing printed/interactive wayfinding materials, we find the disconnects in your system.

The audit results guide us as we prepare a wayfinding master plan. This masterplan is a detailed road map for addressing current and future wayfinding needs, establishing a strategic approach, design direction, budget, and phasing plan for the development and implementation of the wayfinding program.

Cebsource has extensive experience with the full range of signage elements in the built environment. This includes interior and exterior pedestrian and vehicular directional signage, building or campus directories, building and tenant identification elements, information booths, interactive kiosks and architectural cues.

Effective signage is still a key part of the solution to most wayfinding challenges, and we provide design services for these systems, including signage planning, design and installation supervision. The Internet and other self-service technology, such as electronic kiosks and content delivered to mobile devices, now offer an excellent opportunity to provide customized, on-demand wayfinding information. Cebsource has the strategic and technical capabilities to develop and deploy these interactive tools, from initial concept through design, programming, and launch.

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