event posterPromote your next event, product, service, concert, movie, etc., with a professional poster design by Cebsource.

We create poster artwork that makes an impact! We can create whatever size you need and at the highest resolution so that when printed, the beautiful artwork will pop. Don't settle for cheesy free online poster templates. These are meant to be used in word-processing applications which is not conducive to a professional size poster.

Your brand deserves to be displayed with its solid and trusted reputation. A professional poster design will help people better see and understand the high standards to which your company holds itself to and in turn the quality of service they will receive from you.


Direct MailDirect mail is not just reserved for event marketing, but has widespread appeal for many purposes. Direct mail is a popular method of marketing in which advertisers mail printed ads, letters or other solicitations to large groups of consumers. Bulk-mail rates are used to lower the cost of the mailing, and targeted mailing lists are used to maximize potential response. Stores typically use direct mail to advertise new products or to distribute coupons. Charities typically use the it to raise money or recruit volunteers. Almost any sales pitch can be made in this way.

To create a direct mailing, advertisers will work to create an ad that will appeal to a substantial number of people. They will then send it to a large group of people, depending on the potential audience of the ad. That could be a ZIP code, particular demographic, or entire nation.

Advertisers have found direct mail appealing for a number of reasons. It takes their message directly to the consumer. While consumers might walk away from a television ad or flip past a newspaper ad, they will eventually open their mailbox. Advertisers also like that they can direct their message as narrowly or broadly as they want, using bulk mailing rates. By receiving the mail at home, direct mail puts the advertiser's message in the hands of the consumer at the time the consumer might be likely to read it, along with the rest of the mail.


social-media-crowdSocial media campaigns harness the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to promote your event, brand or products. Because traffic from social media sites is usually highly targeted, the visitors are more likely to turn into customers and buyers than visitors who find your site via a search engine query. Another important benefit of traffic from social media is that it is essentially free or relatively low cost compared to other forms of traffic generation. However, social media marketing is a time consuming and very involved effort that is not appropriate for everyone.

This form of marketing requires a good deal of involvement, both in terms of keeping up with all the latest trends and in maintaining ongoing relationships with customers and fans. Social media invites a two-way conversation between the poster of the information and the reader. If the marketer ignores the second part of the equation, then the marketing effort is most likely doomed to fail. Too busy to devote a lot of time to social media?  We can post on your behalf to keep the interest going!

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